Bahmist, Rive

Age:   21

Location:San Francisco, CA
Ambitions:Ruler of the World
Favorite Phrase: 
Greatest Accomplishment: 
As the founding father of #L, Bahmist led his friends who were once scattered throughout the net into the channel and made it home for everyone. Like many other great artists and thinkers, Bahmist is usually drugged up high as a kite.


Basharteg, Data

Age:   22

Location:San Marcos, CA
Ambitions:Ph.D. in Computer Science, Girlfriend/Wife/Children
Hobbies:Computer Programming, Weight Lifting
Turn-Ons:Nice girls
Turn-Offs:Overweight girls, girls with big attitudes
Favorite Phrase:woot!
Greatest Accomplishment:I hax0red a pickle jar to store apple sauce!!!
Idols:Marshal Kirk McKusick, Matthew Dillon, Bill Gates, Sarah McLachlan
PoundL's resident hacker, C programmer, and security guard.


Cowkitty, CK

Age:   21

Location:Orlando, FL
Ambitions:Through the power of wireless technology, to be able to idle in #L anywhere, any time!
Hobbies:Illustration, Web Design, Scifi stuffs, Geeky stuffs, Anime, Mythology, Reading
Turn-Ons:Bunny Steve, Kenneth Branagh. Or better yet, Bunny Steve in a Kenneth Branagh suit.
Turn-Offs:RPG Gamers, Mac users
Favorite Phrase:Presence? I broke it. ;___;
Greatest Accomplishment:Sticking to one web design for more than 1 month.
Idols:Alfonse Mucha, Glen Keane, Sting
pL's HTML & illustration goddess. Her influence can be seen in other popular webcomics such as ClanBOB and Exmoure, but has lent her artistic talents to many in #L. Helps relieve Saci of the burdon of being the female focus of #L's guys.


delusion_, iransofaraway

Age:   19

Location:San Diego, CA
Ambitions: Ya know, to be honest I don't really have any. I'm just here, and dealing with things a day at a time. Like gizmo's crap, and Presence's crap.. don't even get me started about BasharTeg! I kid, I kid..
Hobbies: I don't have enough time for hobbies. I work pretty much fulltime; the weekends being filled with periods of sleeping and Counter-Strike.
Turn-Ons: Red hair. Seriously. Rawr!
Favorite Phrase:You're fired!
Greatest Accomplishment: One time I beat Basharteg at Street Fighter Alpha. Oh boy, did he RUE THE DAY!
Idols:Silent Bob
Also known as Heeeeeeeeeeeed! -- I'm a web developer/designer. Right now I mostly do programming/scripting work. A little VBScript, a little VC/VB.. ya know. The usual Windows stuff. I hate linux. I hate unix. I hate FREEBSD. Basically if you can't play Counter-Strike in your OS, it sucks. Bill Gates owns me. Someday, I'm going to take over the world...


joseph, x[gizmo], giz, JOSEF, fucker

Age:   22

Location:San Diego, CA
Ambitions:To become a internet mogul (without doing any work).. and takeover the world (by making other people do all the work)
Hobbies:Anime, Everquest, Sleeping, Videogames
Turn-Ons:A nice smile, good sense of humor, anime.. and everquest
Turn-Offs:Anger, mean people, gonads, strife.
Favorite Phrase:God Damnit Leeroy.
Greatest Accomplishment:Graduating from high school without doing any real work
Idols:Colon Powell, Bill Gates, Spuds McKenzie
Child prodigy gone horribly wrong. Mastered computers at age 6, scholar student. Now all he does is sleep, eat, watch anime, and play videogames. He knows windows and unix real well, and can mind meld with Cisco routers. Consumes more beer than most foreign countries.

Name: Jennifer

Aliases: jenn, jennifer, jennbits, jennzilla

Age:   25

Location: Houston, Texas
Ambitions: Obtaining a Ph.D., having a huge family, acquiring diamonds and riches, and, of course, scantily clad pillow fights with Sacharine and Cowkitty
Hobbies: Being sassy, scrapbooking and other crafty things, hiking, biking, IRC, video games, and raising hell. Also: things that explode and/or things that are sparkly.
Turn-Ons: laughing, making out, chocolate, hungarians
Turn-Offs: obnoxious people who think they're funny, hardware failures, drunk drivers
Favorite Phrase: dude...
Greatest Accomplishment: Everything I have accomplished in my life is extremely special to me in different, un-quantifiable ways. I would imagine that my greatest will be when I marry and start a family.
Idols: My parents, who are also my best friends and greatest motivators.


Presence, Pablo

Age:   29

Location:Las Vegas, NV
Ambitions:Not be fired from yet another job
Hobbies:Playing with computers, SCA, going to concerts & shows
Turn-Ons:My wife in a cute dress, FreeBSD, Mermaids, Wife wearing a Mermaid tail, Wife in a cute dress with BSD Daemon horns
Turn-Offs:Dead animals
Favorite Phrase:Dude.
Greatest Accomplishment:Marrying my wife. Getting to work on time.
Self-described "Den Mother" of #L, helps maintain bots, keeps logs, and puts together many of the webcomics. FreeBSD zealot. Has been fired from three jobs because of idling on IRC instead of doing whatever his job was.


Aliases: Sacharine, Thalia

Age:   20

Location:Columbus, Ohio
Ambitions:I'm going to college to be an English teacher, if that counts as being ambitious. I call it being too lazy to do a real job.
Hobbies:playing on my computer all day.
Turn-Ons:sideburns, geeks, hooded sweatshirts
Favorite Phrase:"I hate people."
Greatest Accomplishment:I haven't done anything great yet.
Idols:Charlton Heston
#L's resident sex object and id. Infatuated with Gambit from X-Men and Sven from Voltron, welcomes small furry critters to nest on her chest, producer of Voltron Porn.


Aliases: Set, Shadows

Age:   23

Location:New Haven, CT
Ambitions:Destruction of procrastination impulse. Find a nice female dwarf hamster to curl up with in unprecedented displays of cuteness.
Hobbies:Video games. Finding things to do other than homeworK.
Turn-Ons:Girls who like words, have a sense of humor and are not insane. (Choose any two?)
Turn-Offs:Shallowness. Lack of inquisitiveness.
Favorite Phrase:Grr.
Greatest Accomplishment:I overcame myself to become myself.
Despite his strange transmogrification into a dwarf hamster, Set has continued his schooling as an English major. He makes random comments in #l, sometimes. Usually they are directly related to either sex, computers or hamsters. Ah, yes, and for some reason Sacharine does not have a problem letting him perch on her breasts.



Age:   22

Location:Ramona, CA
Ambitions:Your Mom
Hobbies:Magic: The Gathering, Programming, Cracking, Your Mom.. and sex, copious amounts of sex..
Favorite Phrase:DUDE!
Greatest Accomplishment:Finding a girlfriend who likes comic books, video games and is teh sexy!
Idols:Your dad (who also nailed, your mom).
You know, you people may call me crazy.. but for fucks sakes, just because I have the balls to say what YOU'RE also thinking, doesnt make ME crazy. uhhhhmmmm...... BABABOOYE BABABOOEY, HOWARD STERNS PENIS! BABABOOYE BABABOOEY, HOWARD STERNS PENIS! BABABOOYE BABABOOEY, HOWARD STERNS PENIS! BABABOOYE BABABOOEY, HOWARD STERNS PENIS!

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